What makes Tandem different?

“Hospital communication is broken. Tandem has developed a revolutionary solution based on a deep understanding of the unique challenges of emergency department workflows.”
— Dr. Alex Mohseni, Advisor

Drive Key metrics

Tandem's role-based and task-based communication dramatically reduces average patient length of stay, effectively increasing client hospitals' capacity and making them money. Reduced patient length of stay also prevents ambulance diversions and cuts down on the number of LWOBS patients.

Improve Provider Satisfaction

Tandem is a hit with providers.  Here's why:

  • Minimize Interruption - No longer does the communication of non-urgent messages require providers to interrupt one another, which creates stress for providers and ultimate contributes to medical error.
  • Reduce Information Overload - By automatically queuing a custom list of tasks for users, Tandem eliminates the need for providers to memorize their responsibilities. Now, they can focus on what they really care about - treating patients. 
  • Unlock the Black Box - In most hospitals, ED staff have no idea what is going on in ancillary departments, and their only point of access is through antiquated pager/phone systems that require them to wait on hold.  Tandem opens a direct, instant line of communication between all departments to drive collaboration and get problems solved.

Improve Patient Outcomes

By reducing provider stress and decreasing length of stay, Tandem improves patient outcomes and earns hospitals the loyalty and appreciation of its patients.